ACMOS Biofeedback

ACMOS Biofeedback

SBJ International has developed a simple method, using high-tech processes to measure the human energy. By this means, malfunction and area of energetic and organic disorder can be instantly identified and rapid and accurate therapeutic action taken. With this method it is easy to understand and manage the various levels of energy circulating in the human body having first identified, with great precision energetic and organic disturbances.

By using the "ACMOS7" Biofeedback Energy Testing Unit (a high-tech instru-ment which identifies areas of energy blockage) the flow within the various energy circuits of the body can be measured and compared with the body’s global energy potential, and following the balancing of the organism as per the ACMOS techniques.

Evaluation of the body’s energy fields, energy flow stimulation and harmonisation are the basis of the ACMOS Method, achieved through the range of tests and instrumentation developped by the Research Centre of SBJ International.

Principle and Operation of "ACMOS7"

A micro-current is passed between two electrodes which the patient holds, one in each hand. This registers a reading of the body’s overall (global) electrical potential. While the patient continues to hold the electrode attached to the black lead with one hand, the practitioner applies the point of the probe attached to a red lead to each of the " Ting " points on the fingers and toes. A " Ting " point can be found close to the angle of the nail just under the skin and corresponds with an organ and function.

By following this procedure, a full energy diagnosis is carried out by establishing the degrees of excess or deficiency in each of the organic and metabolic circuits. The practitioner, having scientifically assessed the patient’s energy status, can then proceed to specific, personalised treatment by means of stimulation, medical or other.

Every individual interact with environment at different energy levels. This instrument helps in energy level assessment so that environment can be balanced for the individual.

The Biofeedback Energy testing unit "ACMOS7"

The "ACMOS7", integrates the latest discoveries in electronics and micro-processors to give the most accurate readings of the body energy flow. The digital monitor indicates the following :