Creating Harmonious and Ecologically Balanced Spaces through Vastu Science and Energy Balancing.

About Samanvay Vastu Consultancy

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At Samanvay Vastu Consultancy (SVC), we adhere to the mechanism of scientific approach to Vastu Shastra, using international techniques of energy measurements and Land - Body energy balancing. We use hi-tech instruments like Lecher Antenna, Bio-Feedback, Dr. Gauss Meter etc.

Established in the year 2000, for past 15 years, we have worked on a number of residential & commercial projects, aiming full customer satisfaction.

Main features of our work are

  • Rectification of structures (small or big) without demolition.
  • Energy balancing of space using Acmos Instruments.
  • Energy balancing of person with respect to his individual room using Bio-feedback Instrument along with oil, herb and color kit.
  • Calculation of ideal space suitable to the owner as per his Hasta and Aya calculations. (As per the ancient text of Manasara and Mayamatam).
  • Takes limited projects to provide personal attention and also have half yearly follow-ups for three years.

Services Offered

  • Complete Vastu Consultation
  • Vastu Rectification of new & existing structures.
  • Energy measurement of the plot and building with Lacher Anteena instrument.
  • Body measurements and energy balancing using Bio-feedback body energy measuring kit.
  • Oils, Herbs and colour balancing.
  • Shielding, reflectors, pyramids and yatra balancing.
  • Measurement of Geopathic stresses.

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About Er. Sonal Goel

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Er. Sonal Goel is a young and dynamic Vastu professional with a Civil Engineering degree. She has been providing services in the field of Bio-energetic and Vastu Science since 1999. She is a certified Bio-Energitician from SBJ Institute, Paris which offers an emerging concept of ACMOS method of Energy balancing & Bio-biology.

She is an active member of Institute of Vedic Vastu and Research Foundation (IVVRF), Indore and life member of Institute of Vastu Science (IVS) and also a member of National Body of Vastu Consultants.

She is a certified Bio- Energietician, from SBJ Institute, Paris which is the emerging concept of ACMOS method of Energy Balancing and Bio-biology. The method uses Hi-tech instruments like Lecher Antenna, Bio-feedback, Acmapol, Oils and Herbs kit to find electrical, magnetic as well as hidden energies present in an environment and its effect on human beings living therein.

Vastu Trainings & Seminars attended

She has expertise in body aggression and environment balance without making any structural changes by using different kinds of oils, minerals, herbs and colors.

She has studied ancient texts on Vastu like Manasara and Mayamatam and imbibed scientific aspect of Vastu in depth. She learned to blend old concept with modern technologies for creation of a perfectly balanced environment.

She has credit of attending various conferences on Vastu Science, Fengshui, Pyramids & Yantras and researched on “Pyramid Science and its Benefits to Mankind” from Institute of Holistic Medicines, Indore.

Vastu Trainings & Seminars attended

She believes that VastuShastra is a bridge between the Nature & Human Being and is for the benefit of mankind. A person living in a house as per Vastu will surely have a healthy body. He/She will be mentally and physically balanced and as a result, he/she will think well, eat well, sleep well and work well that will lead to overall progress, prosperity and fame. Hence..

“A house without Vastu is like a life without breath (prana)”

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