ACMOS Bio-energetics Testing

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A Global Energy Balance Concept

Internal Energy Reserve Force:

Energy radiates in the body internally. This concept is the basis of the Acmos method. The young living cells send centripetal wavelength towards the chest creating the energy reserves. This energy corresponds to the Yin energy which is drawn inside the body and through the internal polarity to connect to the universal energy force contributing to our spirit, mind, body energy resources. Acmos techniques, the efficiency is verified with Acmos scientific instruments and confirmed by biological and medical analysis.

External Energy Vital Radiation:

The energy reserves mentioned above radites in a centrifugal waves through the declining or blocked cells to revitalize them so that they can contribute to the health management of body and mind. This external vital force corresponds the yang energy will apply a permanent pressure on each cell nucleus to revive it or , if its internal force has declined to an unacceptable personal level tolerance, eliminate it through the lymphatic and elimination systems.

Architectural, Environmental and Ecological Harmony:

The Acmos method extract the information of any pollution, past or present from the human energetic body and reinforces the weak circuits and areas to resist any pollution which cannot be avoided. Furthermore on project architectural and building phase, the energetic body will inform of harmonious orientations, interior partitioning and decoration and even the selection of building material.

The Vital Force:

In the Acmos global energy balance concept, the optimal vital force is function of three factors:

  1. Energy resources optimization with the Acmos techniques allowing the elimination of blockages in the constitution of energy reserve capital. Each organic energy circuit is sounded with the Acmos techniques to evaluate at any moment it vitality potential. In most cases, it will prove sufficient to put the resources to their optimal standards to enable the deficient energy to restore its vitalization quality.

  2. Energy cellular management, triggering the cells vitality to its highest level. This allows continuous management of the various areas of the body and mind put under pressure by internal weakness or external tensions.

  3. Elimination capacity to liberate energy circuits of low quality or dead cells, allowing maximum vitality capacity.

Acmos global energy balance concept is a natural health care system. It asserts that energy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature, and that the flow and balance of this energy in the human body is the underlying foundation of health.