Vastu Shastra

Vastu analysis of all type of structures

We check the existing structures for Vastu defects, energy flow at various levels and body energies of the members therein. Analyze the problems and suggest practical and easy to do corrections. This helps the client to take benefit of Vastu...

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Vastu rectification of the existing structure

At SVC, we have developed advanced techniques to do corrections and rectifications without disturbing the existing structure. With the use of Hi-tech instruments (lecher Antenna, Bio-feedback etc), we can find the negative...

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Vastu plans for new construction

We offers on-site consultations to architects, designers, and individuals seeking to gain the benefits of vastu. Site consultation involves site visit, analyzing typography, soil testing, examining directions and environment...

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Measuring Energy levels of the building (on Bovis scale)

The Bovis Scale (also known as the Life Force Index) is used to measure Natural Earth Energies with ranges running from zero to infinity.the Bovis Scale measures positive and negative energy. . If the object being measured...

Vastu Shastra

Measurement of Environmental Energies

With the use of high sensitivity instruments we measure all the tensions influencing the human energy and affecting man's health. We measures the intensity of various electromagnetic fields prevailing in environment and energies affecting the energy fields of living systems....

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Measurement of Body Energies

We uses high-tech processes to measure the human energy. By this means, malfunction and area of energetic and organic disorder can be instantly identified and rapid and accurate therapeutic action taken. With this method it is easy to understand and manage...

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Healthy Homes Concept by IBE, USA

Our expert are IBE 101 certified, from Internation Institute of Building-Biology & Ecology, USA. They will survey the site for the hazards a house or office may contain, how to detect them, what to do about them, and best of all how not to cause them. This identifies potential problems in the living..

Online Consultation

Online Vastu Consultation

For Online Vastu Consultation, you need to share the Layout Plan / Design of your Home, office factory or any other property with a clearly marked North Direction through our Online Consultation Form. You shall have to write the full details of the Vastu services and details of your premises. Then you will be replied about the ..