Vastu Analysis

Vastu analysis of all type of structures

We check the existing structures for Vastu defects, energy flow at various levels and body energies of the members therein. Analyze the problems and suggest practical and easy to do corrections. This helps the client to take benefit of Vastu even in the existing structure. Body balancing relates the house with the human body residing in it and helps to maintain synergy between the two.

Vastu Rectification

Vastu rectification of the existing structure

At Samanvay Consultancy we have developed many techniques to do corrections and rectifications without disturbing the existing structure. With the use of Hi-tech instruments (lecher Antenna, Bio-feedback etc), we can find the negative spaces and objects and balance them. This helps us to achieve an overall energy balance through the chain of causes and this result in relief to the individual, together with a solution to the problem that is both successful and long lasting, is established.

Vastu Plan for new

Vastu plans for new construction:

We offer on-site consultations to architects, designers, and individuals seeking to gain the benefits of vastu. Site consultation involves site visit, analyzing typography, soil testing, examining directions and environment. Also we check the energy flow including Geophathic stresses using instruments. The benefits of onsite consultation are for owner and architects who can interact deeply about their plot and defects in order to get maximum advantage.

Measuring Energy Levels

Measuring Energy levels of the building (on Bovis scale)

The Bovis Scale (also known as the Life Force Index) is named after a French Researcher, Anton Bovis, who studied the Earth energies of the Great Pyramids in the 1930's. This scale is used to measure Natural Earth Energies with ranges running from zero to infinity.

To make it simple, the Bovis Scale measures positive and negative energy. If the object being measured is from 0 to 6,500, this is considered the negative range which means the object is giving off negative energy that IS NOT good for you. If the object being measured shows a range of 6,500 and above, the object is giving off positive energy that IS good for you. Obviously, the higher the number is on the positive scale, the better the energy is for you.

Measuring Environment Energy

Measurement of Environmental Energies

With the use of high sensitivity instruments we measure all the tensions influencing the human energy and affecting man’s health. We measures the intensity of various electromagnetic fields prevailing in environment and energies affecting the energy fields of living systems.

Some of the important measurements includes:

Measuring Body Energy

Measurement of body energies

We uses high-tech processes to measure the human energy. By this means, malfunction and area of energetic and organic disorder can be instantly identified and rapid and accurate therapeutic action taken. With this method it is easy to understand and manage the various levels of energy circulating in the human body having first identified, with great precision energetic and organic disturbances.

Healthy Home

Healthy Homes Concept by IBE, USA

Our expert are IBE 101 certified from Internation Institute of Building-Biology & Ecology, USA. They will survey the site for the hazards a house or office may contain, how to detect them, what to do about them, and best of all how not to cause them. This identifies potential problems in the living environment and gives solutions to improve the quality of life.

It is the holistic study of the man-made environment, human health and ecology. The intrinsic aspect of IBE is to hold nature as the golden principle. Here we check: