Color-Oil-Herbs Kit

Color, Oil & Herbs kit

There are 37 ranges of harmonies which identify the origin of disorders whether they are: hereditary, hormonal, mental, infectious, seasonal, environmental, nutritional, ecological, geopathic…, the ACMOS Bioenergitician can therefore decode the information from the energy body based on the solutions it requests.

The ACMOS kit have been rigorously and developed in order to guarantee optimal vibratory quality: carefully selected components, quality of wave form, clarity of signal etc. The kit includes

  • Acmos Herbs
  • Acmos Minerals
  • Acmos Trace-Elements
  • Homeopathy
  • Acmos Colour Filters

The list of disorders which origin can be confirmed with the Acmos Testing Products metholodgy are the following:

  • Hereditary: Acmos essential oils
  • Psychological tensions: High dilution psy homeopathy
  • Terrain: Acmos minerals
  • Liver blockage: Citrate of betaine
  • Infections: Homeopathic anticollibacil
  • Evolutive pathologies: Viscum Album range of indicators
  • Mental or gland: Trace elements
  • Hormonal: Hormonal homeopathy
  • Surface disorders: Acmos herbs
  • Elimination failures: Acmos colour filters
  • Geobiological: Acmos oils and colour filters
  • Environmental: Acmos oils, complexes and filters

Acmodermil – The Yin/Yang Deep Energy Stimulato

Acmodermil – The Yin/Yang Deep Energy Stimulator restores energy flow at both deep centripetal (Yin/hidden) and centrifugal (Yang/symptomatic) levels. This restores the Yin/Yang balance.

The Acmodermil detector and stimulator is an instrument which emits a pulsed square wave current targeting the required energy point with great accuracy. It stimulates in alignment with high electrical technology standards and has the facility to stimulate energy at all levels. The Acmodermil can be used to tonify or sedate either the point or the circuit. The alternative pulsed square currents which are emitted resonate with:

Gauss Meter

Dr. Gauss Meter

The Gauss Master gaussmeter can measure the strength of magnetic field radiation and is a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency magnetic fields at a very low cost.This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! Use it to detect radiation hot spots, hidden wiring, improper wiring, strong magnetic fields at work, in the car, garage, basement, or home.

Changes in the magnetic field depend on where the user is and the strength of the Earth’s magnetosphere in that particular area. The sun interacts with areas of the magnetosphere differently and the strength of the signal can fluctuate with the sun's activity. Certain natural materials, such as specific rocks or rock formations, may also interfere with the gaussmeter's reading.



The light stimulator QUANTACMOS - Stimulation by light of the points and of the acupuncture meridians, reinforcing the channels of vitality. The QuantAcmos Light Stimulator emits three distinct light frequencies which have a profound effect on a patient’s energy.

The QuantAcmos Light Stimulator emits three distinct light frequencies which have a profound effect on a patient’s energy. The device may be used for a number of applications including: the stimulation and sedation of acupuncture points; reconnecting blocked energy channels; opening energy centers, and much more. Most notably, it can be used instead of needles, electro-acupuncture machines or acupressure to activate acupuncture points.

The following are all features unique to the QuantACMOS Light Stimulator: