Vastu Shastra

Vastu Compass

Vastu is the science of building and essentially the art of balancing nature with manmade environment and correct placement of man in such a manner so as to absorb the maximum benefits of the energy emanated by the five elements i.e. earth, Water, Light (Sun and Fire), Air and Space.

Application of vastu can be broadly on land and building. On land it may be agricultural, plots or even gardens etc. since all the construction has to take place on land it is imperative that the selection of land is correct and is as per vastu norms.

The form of building creates an energy field that is energy of form, which is a Cosmo Telluric Energy Column, radiating in ten directions: east, west, north, south, northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast, nadir and zenith.

The form, proportions, orientations and materials used in the house or apartment create another set of energy fields that are complementary to the Central Cosmo Telluric Column.

The form of building, its symmetry of its door and window openings and their alignments, the layout of the different rooms, all these and more are factors that if considered at the design stage, help the harmonization of energy field and their effects on user.

In a new structure a lot of things can be easily taken care in establishing the right energy levels by the use of materials allowing natural energy to enter and polluted air to go out.

In the already built environments,using instruments like leacher anteena, acmopol, gauss meter one can measure intensity of various electromagnetic fields, prevailing in environment and affecting the energy fields of living system. There by one can study the different kinds of energy radiations and find ways and means of harmonizing and neutralizing them. This is very much complex. However this can be achieved by establishing energy reversal, energy shielding, reflector etc. Hence any environment can be balanced without disturbing the existing structure.

Vastu shastra is accepted globally today. There is lot of research work going on in this field all round the world. Modern science is now correlating the old principles of vastu science with present problems of in-built environment for the benefit of mankind. So lets not forget this magnificent science and let us make effort to bring happiness and prosperity in our town and society.